Yung Pabi ft Worlasi – Undastand

ung Pabi teams up with Worlasi to create #Undastand. A song that seeks to tell the masses not to give up on hope. ” The day God go bless you them go watch you teee, them no go de Undastand” are excepts of Yung Pabi’s rap.

This song teaches that, no matter the weight of your problems, victory will come your way and the people around you will not Undastand.

In Worlasi’s hook, he talks about how boys will Undastand one day that he is the only one in this game plus when it comes to style, nobody compares.

I think this music will motivate the people to believe in themselves and also to not give up.

Download Mp3: Yung Pabi ft Worlasi – Undastand [DOWNLOAD FREE MP3 ]

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