Wendy Shay unfollowed Delay (WATCH)

Wendy Shay unfollowed me

The TV host during one of the episodes of her show in 2020 said: “my sister Wendy Shay, we come from the same hometown and we have a chat once a while but in recent times, I have notice that her dressing has changed“.

Delay continued that “she now has a lot of piercings. This is my personal observation, I see it that she is going through something,” and according to her now, she has realized the Ghanaian singer has unfollowed her on Instagram.

Delay says even though Wendy Shay reached her via text after her comment, she believes she wasn’t happy with her statement, therefore, she has unfollowed her. “Wendy sent me a text on WhatsApp and said ” ei sister, is it me that you have gotten like this” and we laughed over it“.

Speaking on her ‘Instaglam” session of her Delay Show new episode featuring Ogidi Brown, she said “recently I have noticed that Wendy Shay has followed me. So from the beginning, she wasn’t happy about what I said“.

Would you get a big sister that would see something and tell you about it? If some of us should have had this kind of advice from the older ones in showbiz when we got into the industry, we would have gone very far by now,” she added.

She concluded that “for you, you have been lucky to have a big sister that I am advising you, you have unfollowed me. So be it,” hear more from her in the video below.


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Source: Pulse Ghana

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