R2bees Can Never Blow Again, They Sold Me Out” – Showboy

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Showboy,  the Ghanaian rapper prisoned in the states has claimed that R2bees, the Tema-based music group, will never bloom again in the music industry.

Showboy believes that no matter how many songs the band releases, none of them will be a hit since he is no longer around to promote and sell them.

In a Snapchat message, he claimed that he and Criss Waddle were the driving forces behind R2bees’ promotion at the time, but that they had now betrayed them.

Showboy went on to say that Paedae and Mugeez have never approached him while he was imprisoned and that this has caused him to sorrow up till now.

He wrote: I said R2bees can drop the baddest song in the world..eno go blow worldwide again… their only promoter.. dem sell me out…their music go fade away saaaa…. when it comes to R2bees .. criss waddle n showboy was their strongest. “

But the never respect us.. lol u think niggaz time to come promote wanna music when we also have jobs to do… hand go hand come …

Amg/2hypegang… yall already know whatsap… 2rbees do me wicked big time…ei pain me till today… “

See screenshot below:

Showboy post



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