How to grow ‘TikTok’ followers (Beginners Guide)


Tiktok has become the most powerful streaming and entertainment platform promoting quality content across the globe.

Here are the steps to follow to grow more followers on TikTok as a beginner.

1.Open your Google playstore or Ios App store on your mobile phone to download the Tiktok App.

2. Open the Tiktok App on your phone to sign Up.

3. After sign up, go straight to your account and start posting two or three videos.

4.Open the creator tools on your TikTok account.

5. Open the analytics button.

6. inside the analytics click or select followers and you will see your new followers, Growth rate, Gender and follower activity.

So with all these steps listed below will educate you on how to post a video on TikTok to reach more followers.

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